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Our farm has been a working poultry farm since it was established by our grandparents in 1904. Through the years many additions and changes have been made. Our grandparents started by selling eggs and chickens, then the second generation, our parents, added a few staples such as bread, cheese, and milk.

We, the third generation, have added a large country store along with the chicken and eggs. We make and bake all our pies such as your basic apple. We also have a 5 fruit which we call "FRUIT OF THE FOREST", coconut custard, and blackberry just to name a few. All of our pies are made with fresh fruit and only the finest ingredients.

You won't find any commercial bread on our shelves because we bake all our breads. We have a "corn" rye that is great for toasting as well as sandwiches and challah, an egg bread, that makes the best French toast you will ever eat.

We package our own candy here on the farm. There is a large variety that makes choosing difficult for kids and those of us who are KIDS at heart. Our homemade fudge is so rich and creamy that when you taste it, it's like being at grandma's house.

At the Otis Poultry Farm there is a large selection of sugar free products. These include homemade fudge, candy, cookies and pies for those on restricted diets.

One of our most popular products is the chicken and turkey pie. There are 5 sizes and come with or without vegetables. Each pie is loaded with chunks of chicken or turkey, creamy gravy, and a tender flaky crust.

We offer an extensive wine selection, gourmet foods, many varieties of local cheeses, and cheese spreads.

If you are looking for a unique gift you will be pleased with our sheep skin slippers and moccasins, or maybe you want to check out our maple products, candles, or any of our other gift items.

Feel free to browse our web site or call us toll free at
1-(800)-286-2690 or fax us at 1-(413)-269-7577

We hope to hear from you soon